Winter Farewell

As much as I enjoyed walking through a white wonderland at Elbow Falls yesterday, I must say that I am beyond ready for summer to arrive. Although some may find the gloomy skies to be appealing (I don’t know why), I am becoming rather tired of winter. As I become increasingly tired of winter, I in turn, become increasingly excited for summer time (and for L.A.!)

Until I get to sit on a sunny beach in my bikini, I may as well continue to admire some of the beautiful things that this snowfall has to offer…(although this would look equally as pretty in the summer…)


The Moment

She walks into a room, reflects upon her brightly lit past

smoking life, exhaling jealously.

Asphyxiated by disheartened sympathies and immensity

she takes a drag. He takes another.

Waiting, Wishing

People who wait for the unexpected are never surprised.
                                                                                             -Milka liebt Erdbeer


I must admit, I procrastinate constantly. Leaving things until the last minute stresses me out and yet, I continue to do it. However on this particular evening I find myself writing on my blog after finishing a looong essay for my Canadian Literature class AND after reading The Life of Pi. Yes, I somehow completed both in one day. As I sit here, my fingers scurrying away upon my keyboard, I still cannot believe what I have accomplished. At this very moment I am thinking that procrastination may not be such a horrible thing. Had I not desperately needed to complete both tasks for tomorrow’s class, I probably would have sat on my couch with a cup of tea in hand and it would have been lovely. But I did not. I read a book. A whole book. I have not read a whole book in, well, a long time. Yes, no need to remind me that I am majoring in English. I know I should be reading constantly. Anyways.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed The Life of Pi. I often find it hard to sit down and fully become engrossed in a novel. Perhaps it is because I am constantly restless and feel somewhat useless just sitting on the couch (unless I have a cup of tea or a glass of wine in hand—it is then that I can justify my laziness). Anyways, I was about to express how brilliant this particular novel was. Not only was it utterly interesting, but also quite funny. It stirred my imagination and best of all, introduced me to an orangutan named Orange Juice. There was nothing particularly interesting about this orangutan, but her name is totally awesome—almost as cool as the rabbit named “Sandwich” in my Kindergarten class. I have decided to rename my orange kitten Orange Juice. His name will no longer be Milo.

As I lay in bed tonight and envision myself calling my cat “Orange Juice”, I will chuckle. I will also be planning my next trip to Chapters where I will happily purchase another book written by Yann Martel!

Orange Juice and Mia

Technical Difficulties

I have become rather ambitious within the last few months and in turn, have decided to “hit the gym”. Not only do I feel amazing after a good workout, but I have also come to look forward to going back! Going with a friend is the way to do it–I am far more motivated to go to the gym and thoroughly enjoy the company and encouragement. However, before I go on to speak praises of the gym, I must say that I had a rather embarrassing experience on a piece of equipment yesterday. Let’s just say that I had a bit of a spill off of a large, upright piece of equipment that was supposed to support me, not drop me. Yes, I am bitter and feel that it is rather appropriate that I blame the equipment.

Let’s just say that I should not have assumed the machine was anticipating my arrival. In fact, it was not anticipating anyone’s arrival. No pin was placed in the weights and long story short; I hoisted myself up on to the knee platform and well, awkwardly tumbled off.

Lesson Learned? Do an equipment walk-around (you know, like a car walk around in drivers training) before you even think about hoisting your entire body onto a piece of fitness equipment.

It’s Official!

Yes, I have FINALLY started my very own blog after months of procrastinating! After reading numerous blogs of others, I found myself inspired to start my own (thanks to those of you who have inspired and encouraged me to get on this)! I have yet to create a Facebook account, but what I do know is that I am super excited to finally start sharing my ideas, thoughts and hopefully a few good laughs with you all on this very site.

 I will be completely honest when I say that I have no idea as to how blogging truly works, but what I do know is that every time I read a good blog, I smile. I hope to eventually make you all smile too. After spending every Thursday morning with a lovely group of Kindergarten Students at Fish Creek Elementary, I have come to understand that is never fun to be “Frownie”–lets turn those frowns, upside down.