Summer Book List

Now that I will finally have a day to do absolutely nothing (and what a perfect day it will be to do so!), I have decided to begin reading books. As sporadic as this may seem, I have been thinking long and hard about the books that in my mind, are “must-reads”.

I know that I am majoring in English and most (actually all…) people seem to find it absolutely appalling that I have not read books such as The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. I realize these are classics. I also realize that it would probably be good to read them. However, I have also realized that I have absolutely zero interest in doing so.

I have, however, decided to read Malcolm Gladwell’s What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures, Neil Pasricha’s The Book Of Awesome, Jerre Paquette’s Secrets of Supplements and Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. If you are thinking to yourself, “those are not ‘classics’ or ‘must-reads'”, I will refrain (at this point in time) from arguing with you. You may also be thinking “that’s it? Only four books?”–To this question, my answer is simply: “For now.” Those of you who know me will appreciate my determination to tackle four books given the fact that I have probably only read five whole books in my lifetime. Last thing you may be wondering is “wow, what a random selection of books”. This question, is also a very valid one.


I fully recognize that the books which I have chosen are very different from one another and also realize they may not fall into the category of a “classic”. Having said this, I do fully intend to read a number of classics in the future, just not now. Its not that I am unhappy and feel the need to read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project or feel that I am undernourished and need to read Secrets of Supplements, it is simply that this selection of books provide me with a bit of everything.

Jerre Paquette is a fantastic person and I was privileged enough to spend an entire semester (and a lovely dinner) with him. I admire him immensely and I am so excited that I finally have some time to finish his book. The cover of The Happiness Project speaks for itself. It’s fun and lighthearted and I think we could all use a little “lightheartedness” in our lives. On that note, how can one go wrong with The Book Of Awesome? Blog turned book, this is bound to be a book that will make you smile. Lastly, What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures, which is maybe more science based (if you will), just sounded interesting and I know it will encourage me to view the world in an entirely different way (much like I’m sure The Book Of Awesome will!).

I dont have an order in which I will read these books, but I do know that every one of these books will be read by August 31st–I promise. Let the reading begin…


Oh, Armin

Although “Andrea” and the word “rave” just don’t sound right together in the same sentence, I did go to a rave (well that’s what I call it…).

I was actually quite excited to go to Armin Van Buuren until the moment I arrived. And then I realized…

1. That putting my head up against a speaker at home would have been equally as fun as going to the show.

2. That I did not have a glow stick.

3. That I forgot my spandex bandeau at home.

4. That I was largely outnumbered by men (and guys, please put some clothes on).

5. That I forgot my drugs. Damn.

6. That the men at these shows don’t speak English (“don’t touch me” means “don’t touch me”, capisce?)

7. That I forgot to drink one too many drinks.

8. That after being asked “where you from?” and “do you have gum” for the 25th time that it was time to leave. (Didn’t we go to dance, not talk?)

What I did learn was that I could have made I small fortune selling gum at Armin. Next time, I will go to a show with 5 or 6 packs of Excel and leave the show with an extra $40 in my pocket.

Remind Me Why I Live in Calgary…

So I have fallen in love with Los Angeles. Maybe it’s because the weather is great, or because the place is beautiful. Or maybe it is because I had the chance to meet Mark Ruffalo.Who am I kidding. It’s because I met Mark Ruffalo.

After spending a good chunk of my time in Santa Monica, I headed to Hollywood and Beverly Hills to check out what everyone raves about–the sign, the Walk of Fame, the restaurants and Rodeo Drive. I was in West Hollywood when I swore that I had seen Mark Ruffalo. We Turned the car around and yup, it was good ol’ Mark Ruffalo. Being the crazy tourist that I am, I launched myself out of the car and approached him to see if I could shake his hand and take a picture with him. He was extremely kind, expressed how much he liked Canada, and then walked away with his lunch and smoothie in hand.

Aside from this experience, I was also fortunate enough to check out Gordon Ramsay’s The Box Wood on my last evening in LA. As expected, the restaurant was unbelievable and I had the best steak (and the best wine, appetizer and dessert) that I have ever had in my life. Although I was saddened by the fact that Gordon Ramsay did not serve me the meal himself, dining at The Box Wood was an experience I will never forget. Yes, I whipped out my camera in a fine dining restaurant…

I wish I could tell you that I went to a Lakers playoff game but I sadly did not. It was not for a lack of trying that I did not go–it was simply the fact that they were sold out of reasonably priced tickets and I was not willing to pay $275 a ticket x 2. Sad I know, but I am happy to announce that despite this disappointment, I managed to spend a considerable amount of time shopping and sun tanning–both of which brought me great joy. The sheer thought of wasting my day away in a lounge chair in 32 degree weather sounded just delightful, so I did exactly that.

In regards to my shopping experience, I was able to check out a number of different malls and shopping areas such as the Third Street Promenade  in Santa Monica and Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I would have to say that the Third Street Promenade was my favorite place to shop at simply due to the fact that this street has everything you could ever want. Name your favorite store and here it will be. Not only is this a great place to shop at, but the Promenade is a beautiful, vehicle free street that offers a number of places to dine at (in the sun, of course). Two thumbs up for the Promenade.

I do wish that I had written posts after each day in LA, but the fact is that there are way too many stories to share! Moral of the story is that I had an absolutely amazing trip. In fact, I am seriously considering taking another trip out to California in August. I feel so lucky to have been able to get away from Calgary and I hope that you all have the opportunity to check out LA in the near future!