White Chocolate Raspberry and Milk Chocolate Scones

For as long as I can remember I have loved scones. White chocolate raspberry, chocolate, blueberry, you name it–you really can’t go wrong with scones.

Though there are so many scone recipes out there, I knew that I had to make White Chocolate Raspberry Scones. After Kasey showed me a Milk Chocolate scone recipe with both white chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chips, we both agreed that solely making the raspberry scones would be criminal—so we made both.

The verdict? Two thumbs up for the White Chocolate Raspberry scones taken from The Vintage Mixer via Pinterest (what a great site by the way) and 1.5 thumbs up for the chocolate scones via The Joy of Baking. Though both were equally as delicious, there is no denying that the White Chocolate Raspberry scones were exceptional. While the Milk Chocolate scones were great, I do wish they were a little more scone-like as the texture of them reminded me of a cupcake. The good news? I have found a recipe that I truly love and the nice thing about scones is that you can always substitute. I would love to try adding blueberries to the White Chocolate Raspberry recipe next time around.

Tip: I would encourage bakers to double the recipe. Though each recipe made 8 scones, they were relatively small (they freeze well, so throw the extras in the freezer for a later date).

Chocolate Scones (we added peanut butter chocolate chips)


White Chocolate Raspberry Scones (we “floured” the raspberries to avoid bleeding throughout the dough)

Bon Appetit!

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