Moraine Lake Hiking: Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass and Eiffel Lake

I love the mountains and have a growing adoration for Lake Louise after hiking trails around Moraine Lake this fall and summer. While many of the trails are worth mentioning, Eiffel Lakes and Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass were undoubtedly the most beautiful. For those who haven’t been, I highly recommend Eiffel Lakes in the summer months and Larch Valley in September or October.

Eiffel Lakes, which was approximately a 4.5 hour hike (~11km in total), was simply bliss. The trail begins up switchbacks for the first hour or so before reaching a less-inclined trail that provides a beautiful view of Moraine Lake. Eiffel Lake, once you reach it, is breathtaking and provides you with a panoramic view of the Valley and of the Ten Peaks.

Larch Valley, which is arguably one of the busiest trails in the fall because of the beautiful colored Larch trees, was equally as stunning. The trip is about 13 km in total but we managed to complete it (with numerous photo-taking breaks) in 5 hours. The larch trees were perfectly colored in med-September despite reviews of the tress not turning yellow until early October.

Happy Hiking 🙂


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